Technical Services


Located between the busy Port of Tampa and the Phosphate mines in Polk, Hardee, and Manatee counties CASSIA EPC is at the epicenter of very experienced machinists.

Metallurgical Laboratory Services:

Spectroscopy – Optical Emission

Mechanical Testing – Tensile, Charpy, Compression etc.

Metallorgraphy – Microstructure, Case Depth, Grain Size, Mag. Particle, Rockwell and Brinell Hardness

Full Service Foundry:

Our foundries are capable producing a full range of castings from small items that are less than a kilogram to products that are over forty metric tons.

Our Process:

Part Evaluation and Procurement:

CASSIA EPC will arrange for pick-up, and return of your part(s). On site we check to see if wear or other use has altered its performance. We ask you about its use and what factors limit its performance. We listen to your input.  No one knows your facility like you, and we won’t pretend to.

Make no mistake about it.  Your word is the final say in any project with CASSIA EPC.

Part Design & Implementation:

We will make modifications to enhance the design and material where appropriate.  You just need to tell us what you want the end result to be.

Logistics & Delivery:

As an International Provider of superior steel castings we handle all logistics for delivery and installation so you don’t have to.