Castings by Application

Cassia EPC is experienced at building custom and replacement parts to improve performance and increase wear life. This is a sample of the some of the parts we have created by application. Please contact us to see how we can help with parts for your application.

Crushing / Grinding

  • Impact and abrasion resistant wear parts
  • Concave liners for gyratory crushers
  • Spider liners
  • Bowls & cones
  • Mantles
  • Jaw liners and plates
  • Fixing wedges
  • Pulverizer rolls and rings
  • Steel or ceramic grinding media

Ground Engagement Tools and Handling

  • Bucket teeth
  • Track pads for buckets and drill rigs
  • Toothed bars for buckets
  • Grate liners for classifiers
  • Wear plates for buckets
  • Vibrating screens
  • Liners and plates for apron feeders
  • Chutes
  • Mine car wheels
  • Undercarriage supports for mine cars
  • Racks


  • Slurry pump cases
  • Volutes
  • Impellers
  • Wear Plates
  • Die Rings
  • Suction ends and liners
  • Screens
  • Pipes and bends
  • Inlet and outlet fittings


  • Rabble Teeth
  • Cooler grates
  • Fire, grate and roaster bars
  • Kiln chains, shackle , rollers and tires
  • Feeding and pouring channels for reverbatory furnaces
  • Slag buckets and channels
  • Tuyeres and blow pipes
  • Gears, pinions, floors and pulleys for converters
  • Ducts and wear plates for converters
  • Cast Steel Hammers
  • Trash Plates
  • Box Couplings
  • Bearing housing
  • Furnace / Incinerator
  • Center shaft socket section
  • Inner and outer tubes
  • Lute caps
  • Upper / Lower Dirveshafts
  • Inlet / Outlet glands and supports